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collection of articles that will help you enjoy the experience of having a newborn
Breastfeeding tips
When breastfeeding, we call your baby's rapid intake of breast milk suckling controlled guzzling; whilst uncontrolled guzzling is the term we use when ... more
Baby feeding tips
Have you noticed how the majority of babies show the tendency to guzzle down their feeds rapidly (swallowing) - regardless of whether breastfeeding ... more
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Can you Sleep-train Babies from Birth?
What makes Jacqui's Newborn babyare advice work?... more
How does Postnatal Sleep-deprivation trigger PND
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ADVANCED Newborn Nanny and Maternity Nurse Assistant Course
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What is the Best way to Sleep-train your Baby ?
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Super-Brain Development Baby Weaning Foods
Sleep-Inducing Baby weaning foods... more
breastfeeding 'struggles'
Care and management for sore and cracked nipples. This article reviews the care and management offered to women who are experiencing sore or cracked nipples basing it on a ca... more
Stress-free Breast feeding Routine
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bottle feeding tips
The tenderness of your breast tissue means that your baby can easily stimulate or reduce the speed of your milk flow by their suction. This is because within your breast areo... more
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plastic bottles
Parents who put warm milk in plastic baby bottles could be exposing their children to dangerous pollutants, scientists warn.... more
baby winding tip 1
Based on extensive experience with newborns, all newborn babies from birth up to five months (0 - 20 weeks) need to be gently winded whether breast or bottle fed.... more
baby winding tip 2
Generally if your baby is dozing off after the first rapid intake of breast milk as discussed above, or if they seem agitated or crying while feeding, they may need winding.... more