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what the parents say

breastfeeding struggles
"I employed Jacqui Nancey to help me after the birth of my third child in May 2007. I had always hated breast feeding and was having some difficulty getting my daughter latched on comfortably. I had a couple of midwives who had tried to help me with this problem to no avail. 

Jacqui came round and made me relax and somehow sorted me out. She showed me her winding technique which my little girl seemed to respond to.

Jacqui also helped me when I had mastitis and her advice solved the problem very quickly. My daughter also suffered from severe constipation and Jacqui helped me solve this problem too. She also helped me get my daughter sleeping through from 7pm to 7am at 11 weeks.

My daughter started waking up again at night when she was six months.

 I had weaned her and was feeding her what I would have thought were sufficient quantities. I called in Jacqui and followed her weaning advice and menus – instantly my daughter slept through again.  

I would have no hesitation recommending Jacqui who has advice for every situation you encounter with a newborn. She is always specific, inspires confidence and most importantly her techniques work!"

Mrs Morse, Mother of Three, London UK, March 2008 


"I have known Jacqui Nancey for over three years since the birth of my second child in 2004. Jacqui came highly recommended by a friend to help with breastfeeding problems and all aspects of newborns.  I began to experience problems with breastfeeding in the early days following birth and Jacqui was a tremendous support and helped me overcome my difficulties with latching on and helpful tips on feeding in general. Her invaluable tips on sleepless nights and how it was possible to have a baby sleeping through the night by 6 weeks were worth their weight in gold as every new mother will appreciate!

My third daughter was born in October 2008 and once again Jacqui was a tremendous support. 

She helped me with breastfeeding problems, taught me tips such as massaging with oils to prevent engorgement and helped me with a routine that was realistic and workable.  Coping with a newborn as well as two other children under 5 is no easy feat but equipped with Jacqui's top tips on baby care, her unending emotional support I have found it a most rewarding experience as opposed to an uphill struggle and apparently "make motherhood look easy" according to friends.  

I have recommended Jacqui Nancey to over 12 mothers and shall continue to do so in the future."

Mrs Creasy, Mother of Three, South Kensington, London, Feb 2008



I didn’t know much about breastfeeding and issues associated with it before having my son, but it all unfolded at Jacqui Nancey's sessions to my delight. I felt that the sessions gave me enough confidence to begin breastfeeding as soon after delivery as possible without asking for help, and I became much more appreciative of Jacqui’s course when I breastfed for the first time.

I was able to make sure my son was latching on correctly without seeking help from doctors or maternity nurses. As a result, the little guy loves breastfeeding because reading about breastfeeding was one thing, doing it on my own was something else!

Learning correct technique as well as learning about diet choices from the very beginning during the sessions, helped me to avoid trouble later on I have no doubt. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to Jacqui for her sessions which were very well explained and demonstrated, and have sincerely helped me.  

Mrs.Staite, First Time Mother


baby’s crying & sleepless nights

"Jackie's sessions with me covered essential basic parenting skills which I believe should be offered to all first time parents.

For five weeks after giving birth – my baby was extremely restless and crying all the time.

I was told by the Doctors and Health Visitors that she had acid reflux. I was very stressed out and did not know what to do. However, from the day Jackie came to see us, the help and advice received has been invaluable in helping to get our baby into an easy day & night time routine. Helping my baby go to sleep at 7.00pm every evening provides a break from looking after her and allows me to spend some time with my husband before we too go to bed. This means that I look forward that much more to spending time with my baby the following day. My baby also has regular naps throughout the day and rarely cries now.

Some of the basic skills that Jackie has helped me include

1. Breast feeding techniques. Plus knowing how and when to compliment with expressed milk feeds when I feel that my baby is not getting enough from me. This has included ongoing support and advice regarding how much to feed and when.

2. Teaching my baby to go to sleep by herself. Rather than always having to be soothed to fall asleep in my arms before placing her in her crib.

3. Setting the crib up correctly. To help her sleep soundly by the positioning of towels below the flat moses baby mattress and also on top of the mattress and beneath my baby’s bottom to support her legs.

4. Swaddling her to help her sleep. (I have to say this was a revelation. I simply did not think our baby would like to be swaddled but I was wrong. Swaddling her has been fantastic in helping her to sleep.)

5. Bath time. Jacqui has showed me how to bathe my baby correctly including how to deal with cradle cap and some baby massage techniques.

6. Breastfeeding Dietary advice for the mother to enhance breastfeeding.

7. Jackie has also been fantastic in providing ongoing support and reassurance. This has been invaluable to me as a first time mother and has really improved my confidence. I am sure this has helped us settle our daughter. She now sleeps from 7.00pm to 10.30pm and then again from 11.00pm (after her last feed) to 6.30am. Jackie was instrumental in helping us achieve this."

Mrs Ward, First Time Mum, March 2008

multiples & triplets parental support
"Jacqui came to work with my husband, myself and our six week old triplets as a Maternity night Midwife in our home, three nights a week for three weeks.  As first time, new parents to three babies we were of course very tired, very nervous and looking for some extra sleep and help to settle the boys into a routine.
Jacqui has been a great help firstly by looking after the night shift (no easy feat!) allowing us to sleep for more than two hours at a time.  With her extensive experience and skills she has more importantly helped us establish a routine that fits into our life: 
The boys have been encouraged to sleep longer at night much earlier than we could have hoped and Jacqui has addressed some of the issues we had with reflux and colic like symptoms. Jacqui has also imparted some of her handy tips, things you don’t read about in books for making our lives easier. Her winding technique and unique cot (Baby Matteress)  arrangement seems to have helped with the boys digestion and ultimately their ability to settle and sleep undisturbed
Jacqui has been a great help to us and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services for any future jobs – we only wish we were in a position to keep her with us and our boys longer!!"
Mrs. Henshaw, First Time Mum, July 2007

infant colic & baby massage

Our six (6) week old son was very agitated. He would wake up in pain up to 5 times per night, we were exhausted. 

However, when Jacqui came in for a home-visit consultation, it only took a couple of recommendations from her to get our baby’s tummy aches to decrease. 

We found that only after a couple of days of applying Jacqui’s advice and the moses basket mattress repositioning, our son was already a much better sleeper. 

His skin also has improved and is now much better from having been very dry and full of red rashes before Jacqui’s baby massage technique and winding therapy. 

Jacqui is calm, patient and knows how to take care of babies as well as mothers. 

Her technique and no nonsense advice should benefit all parents with a newborn baby. Within seven (7) follow-up visits from Jacqui, my wife is now breastfeeding with ease, whilst our baby is already sleeping through the night from 5pm - 7am !! 

Mr. & Mrs. Solbes, London UK, Dec 2006

baby weaning       

Jacqui is a star! Getting our 6 month old daughter onto the bottle was becoming a seemingly insurmountable problem. After weeks of trying ourselves, we realised we didn't have the right knowledge to tackle the situation. Jacqui came and spent 2 very productive days with me and Maggie now happily takes a bottle. She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience with babies and has practical suggestions for many different problems. She knows a lot about nutrition - which is fundamental to the whole weaning process and getting babies to sleep at night etc.

Some friends from NCT and myself did a weaning session with Jacqui and we now have a great routine and delicious purees for our babies at mealtimes.

I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Mrs Dinger, Mother of Maggie (6 months), London UK