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plastic bottles
Chemical Alert Over Heated Baby Bottles
bottle feedingParents who put warm milk in plastic baby bottles could be exposing their children to dangerous pollutants, scientists warn. 
A study has shown that a toxin leaks from plastic bottles when they are heated or filled with hot liquids.
Babies are vulnerable to pollutants
Bisphenol A has been linked to fertility problems, diabetes, breast cancer, hyperactivity and early puberty in girls. Babies are thought to be particularly vulnerable to its effects. 
It is one of the most common 'gender-bender' chemicals in the home and is found in food containers, water bottles and the lining of food cans. 
The US findings will concern parents who submerge plastic bottles in hot water, mix infant formula with hot water and boil or steam bottles to sterilise them. 
Reporting in the journal Toxicology Letters, Dr Scott Belcher said the temperature of liquid in the bottle was key - not how old the bottle was.
"There is very strong suspicion in the scientific community that this chemical has harmful effects on humans," he said.
The chemical industry insists that the levels of exposure are too low to be harmful and that there is no strong evidence of Bisphenol A proving harmful in small doses.British scientists say there is no reason to stop using polycarbonate bottles and the evidence is disputed.Non-polluting bottles are available; glass bottles are a healthier alternative.

Sky News, January 30, 2008