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bottle feeding tips
Parental query: Why does my baby's colic or wind discomfort seem worse whenever I bottle feed even when using Expressed breast milk?
bootle feedingJacqui’s problem solving response
The tenderness of your breast tissue means that your baby can easily stimulate or reduce the speed of your milk flow by their suction. This is because within your breast areola, there are small  regulating valves which help speed up or slow down your milk release flow - depending on the strength of your baby’s suction whilst breastfeeding. 
However when bottle feeding your new born baby’s mouth cannot turn off the steady flow of the milk coming from the bottle’s teat easily. Therefore, if a baby drinks quickly from the bottle like it would whilst breastfeeding, the foll0wing problems will occur:
A lot of milk and air bubbles can gather in their chest area (food pipe) and stomach
Therefore, if they are not winded properly this may cause them to bring back partially digested milk which looks like (clear and watery clotted cheese) vomit shortly after drinking it.
The speedy intake of their bottle feed will also cause your baby’s stomach to swell, feel bloated and cause them a lot of discomfort and crying throughout the day or night. 
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