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baby winding tip 1
Parental query: Do Breastfed babies need winding or is it only for bottle-fed babies?
Jacqui’s problem solving response
Based on extensive experience with newborns, all newborn babies from birth up to five/ six months (0 - 24 weeks) need to be gently winded whether breast or bottle fed.
New Mothers are generally surprised at how strong their newborn baby’s suckling suction is when breastfeeding. It is nature’s way to ensure that newborn babies survive, which is why your baby’s mouth, cheeks and tongue have strong suckling muscles to ensure that your baby’s suckling reflex is strong enough to stimulate and drain milk from both your areola (fore milk) and milk ducts (hind milk).
When observing the feeding behaviour of most term and healthy newborn babies feed, babies who are hungry at the beginning of a feed tend to swallow their feeds rapidly when first put to the breast at each breast feeding time. This frantic intake of milk will occur over the first ten or fifteen minutes (10-15) of suckling, with your baby hardly taking a break between sucking and gulping down their milk feed. This type of frantic feeding generally occurs after your breast milk has finally come in and both mother and baby are getting into a smooth feeding pattern by the second week after birth.